• Reviewed by: juliasam1955  on: //2018
    On Facebook it days u served food with maggots in it.Is THIS TRUE? There's a pic.of a maggot!!! Yuk!
  • Reviewed by: Fred  on: 29/06/2016
    I stop in 4 to 5 times a month. The food is very enjoyable. Would and have shared with many of how much i like the food. Try it! Good food at a good price.
  • Reviewed by: Ghouse12  on: 29/06/2016
    VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We are visiting from california and stumbled this place fr google. Surprise for lunch buffet only $8.99 they offer delicious crabs, shrimps, salmon, clams, and yummy korean octopus! Very diverse selection and the dessert and egg tart are yummy. Their sushi and seaweed salad are good too! Very yummy and their server are very nice. :) they even play famous chinese songs in the background. GOOD EXPERIENCE :)
  • Reviewed by: jackie598  on: 29/06/2016
    We frequent Asian buffets all over the Tacoma / FW / Kent area, and this one was a nice surprise. Good selection, tasty dishes and nice atmosphere. We will return.
  • Reviewed by: believe241352  on: 14/04/2016
    Went there for my first time today. Food was really good. But it then turned into a bad experience when I found out that one of the cooks didn't wash there hands after they used the bathroom. Nasty.
  • Reviewed by: alanzo.ausby  on: 13/01/2015
    We (Myself, wife,
  • Reviewed by: thien_kieu07  on: 12/01/2015
    Awesome food selections at a very lowcost, affordable price. Unbeatable. Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: shortysfl  on: 18/06/2014
    Took my family there for Dinner
  • Reviewed by: tasha.boatright  on: 25/12/2013
    I come into Great Wall usually 1-2 times per month. The service is great and the food is good and consistently so. Nikki is a great waitress and really cares. We always try to make sure we see her.
  • Reviewed by: ginnyann1122  on: 16/11/2013
    I've been here three times since their remodel and it was pretty good. I'm looking forward to trying the Thanksgiving Buffet and I'm bringing guests.
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